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4 Attributes High Performing Hospital Front Desk Officer Exhibits

Best Nigerian HospitalsFront desk is a critical unit in a hospital in view of its revenue generating capacity and influence in image – building, this unit is very important to the success of any healthcare system or hospital.

Front desk officers can certainly generate a good image for a healthcare business in their manner of dressing, communication, personal conduct and efficiency. They also set the tone of the entire experience that a patient will get from his or her visit.

From experience and interactions with several patients and hospital staff especially front desk officers, we have discovered that the financial success of a healthcare system hinges on this unit as they’re the entry point. They either permit potential cash inflow or revenue flight.

Is you front desk unit effective and productive?

Here are four important traits smart hospital executives look out for in a prospective front desk officer:

1. Calmness

Front desk professionals must have a high degree of calmness , tolerance and be composed at all times. Front desk is always the first point of contact and therefore invariably meet different people including those who can unnerve a person.

2. Correct and Clear Communication:

Front desk is a reference point of any hospital, needless to say that this unit need to master the art of good communication.

Through effective communication, front desk officers can help improve a hospital’s revenue and capture positive reviews from patients. Therefore, front desk professionals should be encouraged to make effective communication an ongoing study and discipline.

3. Strong Memory:

Having a strong memory as a front desk officer will enhance your overall performance. As insignificant as remembering patients’ names may seem it’s one proven way of building strong image.  High performing hospital front desk officer always remember act in a manner that promotes the organization’s vision and objectives; adhere to instructions from management and gather every helpful information from patients.

4. Diplomacy:

Diplomacy is an inevitable attribute every staff of front desk unit must possess. Believe it or not, hospital is one of the toughest places to work especially the front desk unit where the first blow from a hurting patient is always launched. The temptation to react swiftly will always arise but high performing hospital officer are professional diplomats with amazing abilities to manage situations and conflicts.

Over to you: are you a high performing hospital front desk officer?

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